Support – As Important as the System Itself

These are not just words printed at the bottom of our brochure. We are dedicated to providing the best support possible to our valued customers.

A software program is only as good as the quality of the support behind it. We realize that our customers are not all computer wizards. Many are volunteering their time to assist their church or organization.

Telephone Support Hours

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4 PM (Eastern Time)

Email Support

Send an email to our customer support email address.  Include your customer number in the subject area of the email.  If you do not have our email address, give us a call at:

Primary Number: (757) 482-4883

Skype Number:    (757) 447-6369

Support Services Include

  • Customers participating in our support program receive:
    1. Assistance whenever there is a question or a problem.
    2. Periodic upgrades as new versions of the software are released.
    3. We will reserve time especially for you to install the software, set up a new comp[uter, or familarize a new operator with the system.
  • When you need us, give us a call. We will be there. You will rarely get a busy signal or be placed on hold.
  • During high volume periods or when our lines are at capacity, you automatically are routed to voice mail. When this happens, leave a message and your call is promptly returned, always at our expense.
  • If your question is not urgent and wish an email response, please Contact Us We will nearly always respond within 24 hours, usually much sooner.
  • Let the exclusive TDS Advisor Tutorial and Help System guide you through the system. From any screen, help is only a click away.