OMS for Windows

OMS™ for Windows® is similar to our award winning CMTS™ for Windows® product but designed for nonprofit organizations other than churches. It is comprehensive, yet very simple. No system that looks so simple does so much! If you have been looking for the right system, look no more. Your time is valuable. Whether you are a paid employee or a volunteer working with your organization, OMTS™ for Windows® will save you time entering donations, posting checks and other financial information, preparing reports and statements. More importantly, the exclusive TDS Advisor™ Professional Help System and Tutor will guide you every step of the way.

Feature for feature, no other nonprofit management program in our price range compares to OMS™ for Windows®. It is very comprehensive and loaded with numerous features our customers told us are important. It is simple, straightforward and easy to navigate. It is very easy to learn and practical to use. The entire package is only $495.00 on a single computer. Start with just the contributions or or modules of the system for as little as $295.00.

Share the work and the information. OMS™ for Windows® may be installed on multiple computers. Could the treasurer save time by entering checks and deposits at home? Would someone volunteer to enter dues or contributions on their home computer? You can license additional computers to run CMTS for $99.00 per computer. When using this powerful option, no duplication of data entry is necessary. Only one person enters names and addresses and the information is shared.

The program consists of three fully integrated modules: