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Notice to Customers – July 2012

Keep your software up to date!  Are you on the latest version of CMTS for Windows®?

To check, go to the MAIN MENU. The title bar should read “CMTS – Main Menu”. Then click on [Help]>[About CMTS]. The Version should read 5.081130-c1-1 or 5.081130-c2-1. If it reads 5.02, you should upgrade to 5.070203 by clicking on:

CMTS Update 5.070203m

If you are on 5.070203, contact us for further instructions. Be sure and include your customer number in your correspondence.

For product support or questions, email us at Always place “CMTS Customer ”,“ OMS Customer ”, or “ Customer ”and your customer number in the subject area of your email. OMS customers should also insure that we have a current email address so we can also send you update information as well.

It is neither necessary nor recommended to roll the year before entering data for the New Year. The system will keep information separate for the two years. Once you roll, you can no longer enter data or make corrections for the year.

CAUTION: Never change the year in [Setup] > [Initial Parameters].This is for the initial setup only and will ALWAYS cause a problem if done a second time as explained on the screen.

In donations, we recommend printing and distributing donor statements as soon as possible after the year ends. Then wait until after April 15 to roll the year. This gives your donors an opportunity to report anyproblems and allows you the opportunity to made corrections and other adjustments, then reprint any statements if necessary.

The bookkeeping year is based on your fiscal year, not the calendar year. As with donations, information for the New Year is kept separate from the prior year. Do not roll the year until after all year-end reports have been printed and reviewed by the finance committee and any required audit is completed. Only after reports have been printed, any required audit is complete, all bank accounts have been reconciled with the bank and all outstanding items have cleared the bank, is it safe tio roll.

More information on year ending procedures can be found in the TDS Advisor by clicking on [How Do I] > [Perform Year-End Procedures].

Year end roll is separate in donations and bookkeeping. Always insure that you are backed up before proceeding. In addition, perform [File]>[Save] or [File]>[Archive]. In both modules, year in roll is located under [Tools] > [Year-End Roll]. The procees can take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple hours and cannot be interrupted. Call if you have any questions.

Are You Backing Up Properly?

The media typically used to perform backups is constantly changing. You may remember when we used 5 1/4 diskettes. Then for many years, nearly everyone backed up to a 3 1/2 diskette. Our backup routine on diskette required having 5 diskettes for daily rotation, 12 more for monthly backups and 2 at the end of each year. Backups were always logged in the backup log book. Many of you followed this procedure. Unfortunately, some did not.

Then, CDs became popular. This required having CD burner software and knowing how to use it properly. While burning a CD is still a viable alternative, there is an easier option.

Today the backup device of choice is the USB Flash Drive. We recommend rotating between at least two or three flash drives. Backup is safe and straight forward. Under Version 5.081130 backup will default to the format rather than “”. This means you can store many backups on a single flash drive. Be sure you know the drive letter for the flash drive and know the proper way to safely remove it from your computer.

With CMTSTM update 5.070203m (or later), the system automatically creates an archive of your data when you start the program. In this instance, making a weekly backup of your entire CMTSTM folder to a usb flash drive is the only other backup you need to perform. To do this, simply insert the flash drive into your computer, determine the drive letter assigned to it, and click on [File]>[Backup]. Be sure to enter the letter corresponding to the flash drive.

You may also use Windows Explorer to drag the entire folder (usually c:\cmts40) to the flash drive. This is only recommended if you are familiar with this procedure. In either instance, be sure to remove the flash drive by clicking on “Safely Remove Hardware” in the system tray. Always rotate between several different flash drives. CALL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING PROPER BACKUP PROCEDURES

For added protection, many of you have taken advantage of our Data Recovery Service. This service allows you to send us a backup by email once a month. We check the backup for integretity errors. In addition, should theft or fire destroy your computer and all your backups, we would have one waiting for you. If youyou have any questions, please call us as proper backup is very important.

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CMTS Update 5.070203m
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Important – CMTS Update 5.081130 links as well as future updates will be emailed to customers. Make sure we have your email address and that your support is current.