Backup Your Data Every Day

If something happened to your computer today would you be prepared?  The system allows you to “Save” or “Archive” a copy of your valuable data in the \CMTS\Backups folder in seconds.  Simply click on [File] > [Save] or [File > [Archive] depending on your version.  Do this at least once every time you go into the program.

Unfortunately, if something happened to your computer or hard drive, that will not be adequate.  It is very important that you also backup to a flash drive once or twice a week.  In addition, make sure you rotate among several flashdrives.  To backup to a flash drive simply click on [File}>[Backup] and when prompted, indicate the drive letter where the flashdrive is located.

Once you have completed the backup, make sure you click on the [Safely Remove Hardware] icon in the system tray and DO NOT remove the flash drive until you are told it is safe to remove it.  If you are not sure you are doing it right, please give us a call.





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